Company profile

Shanghai lovece housekeeping co., ltd. is officially established on Nov. 16, 2017 .The lovece is a symbol of purity, diligence, wisdom which is same like our original intention. we aim to create a company based on “service first” ,the core culture of the company.Let all of our workers have the awareness of serving like the cherry blossom, "purity, diligence, wisdom" .

Our company always focus on being professional and skilled since its establishment , we mainly manage 4 service items like foreign domestic helper,English teacher, Entertainer, Maternity Nurse. Believe that our workers can offer you the more professional,comfortable, and stable services.

Service commitment:

1. Employer can talk with the works face to face in advance, and be satisfied first before signing the contract.

2. The service fee will be returned if the works has been replaced for 3 times.

3. If you need to replace the works, our company promises to manage it within 24 hours at fastest.

4. The high quality nanny will be matched for you at the first time.

The domestic pioneer in coming up with the “4s” concept.

Service, Skills, Safety, Stability

Our goal

We aim to establish 30 branch offices within 5 years in China and serve for more than 200,000 families.

Our vision

Safety and trust, integrity management, professional services, reputation first.

Our strategy

“Not only we supply good works but also better service”,This slogan is shown in every corner of our company. "service" is not only reflected in the surface of our company, it is rooted in the our hearts. We hope every employee can remember the core "service", we also not only serve for the customers, but also for works. Under the calling of "poverty relief precisely" according to the 19th CPC congress, we stepped into the Midwest of China, the underdeveloped regions, the poor families, talking with the local unemployed women and leading them to get out of poverty.

Our company focus on the future, we commit ourselves to establish some professional training schools in big cities of China within 5 years and offer the works the free skills training to make it possible for them working in their hometown, So it is able to provide our customers more professional, local, precise half custom-made services. We aim to establish the standard of housekeeping service "4s" in the field and become the pioneer.


Mr Gu wei is the President of our company, has over five years’ experience in the recruitment industry. And established lovece company in 2017,Mr GU WEI believe that Philippines works have big market in China for their professional skills and good English speaking. And Chairman work hard to build a bridge between Philippine and China, let more and more people from Philippine can work in China,.

Lovece has in its team of Management the following officers:

1.Vice president for Administration that is updated and in the loop of the recruitment business not only amongst the industry player but also with all key government offices involve in the deployment of Filipino workers.

2.International Marketing Executives/Consultants that directly coordinates with Employers

3.Finance Executive that understand the financial aspect of the business

4.A deeply knowledgeable Human Resource Manager that designs work system such as hiring recognition, strategic pay, performance development and evaluation system.

5.A hands-on Operations Manager that has gained expertise both in handling Employers and sourcing qualified applicants